Consumer Survey Results Proves Refurbished Products are “In”

As an industry leader in the reverse supply chain for retailers and OEMs, we provide comprehensive services for clients to manage and sell returned and overstock goods in our trusted online marketplaces, including, and other secondary market channels for surplus and refurbished goods, including consumer electronics.

We recently conducted a survey with consumers who have shopped in our marketplaces in order to understand their opinions about refurbished products and why they would or wouldn’t purchase them, and received more than 1,400 responses. It was also important to us to see if consumers identified themselves as environmentally-friendly because they buy refurbished. By buying refurbished or surplus electronics, consumers are able to extend the life of those products, keep them out of landfills, and save money in the process.

Overwhelmingly, the response was positive. Of the individuals surveyed, 94% said they have bought refurbished products in the past three years and 84% felt these products were a good value. Also, 41% of consumers responded that they buy refurbished because they consider themselves “sustainable consumers.” Along with the benefits of going green, people are also choosing refurbished products because they meet their needs, products work “good as new,” and they allow the customer to try a newer product without the larger financial commitment. Additional survey highlights are in the below infographic.

One of the top outcomes of the survey is that 81% of consumers would recommend buying a refurbished item to their friends or family. When asked about the unique places consumers have used refurbished products, 7% responded that they have used a refurbished product snorkeling or scuba diving in the ocean! In addition, one of the interesting anecdotes we learned was about a volunteer firefighter who uses a refurbished helmet camera when fighting fires and helping the community. Refurbished products are a great way to be a sustainable consumer and to also try out newer gadgets and save money.

This Sustainability Month, get involved in your community in a great Earth Day project, and make an impactful commitment to support our planet by buying refurbished. For more information on tips to buy refurbished, please see the press release, and to buy refurbished or surplus products, please visit and