DIY Projects Made Easier This Summer with our Online Marketplaces

With summer just around the corner, many people are opening up their tool boxes and starting their “do-it-yourself” (DIY) projects for the year. The promise of warmer weather and sunny days might be perfect for building a shed for the backyard, re-doing an indoor and outdoor staircase, or updating a patio area. While working on these projects, many people find useful and affordable supplies using our online marketplaces to buy materials and surplus items at a reduced price.

Advantages of buying through our online marketplaces for items such as scrap metal, wood, and more can help to save money while providing buyers with a chance to be sustainable in the process. Repurposing already existing materials is a great way to be friendly to the environment.

There are also other benefits to DIY projects.  A recent article on discusses the advantages of DIY activities, including a feeling of fulfillment gained by learning something new, the chance to meet new people, and even the potential opportunity to bring in additional income or save money on a necessary home project.

One of our many unique surplus stories is about a buyer who built an entirely new staircase out of military surplus oak bunk beds discovered on our marketplaces. While perusing our Government Liquidation site, Adam Westphal noticed a stack of 96 bunk beds. Looking past their intended purpose, he noticed the wood material and the possibilities for his home. His summer project ended up saving him at least $30,000! 

So whether you’re in the mood to create something large for the house or a smaller gift for a loved one, keep an eye out for our auction items that could make your next DIY project something truly extraordinary and create a memorable experience in the process.