Doing Good Through

“Doing well and doing good” is a phrase that we take pride in when helping our community. One substantial area that we enjoy contributing to is education through our pillar of social responsibility to support youth mentoring and access to higher education. In recent news reported by Forbes, teachers around the U.S. are dipping into their pockets and personally spending around $400 a year on school supplies such as books, classroom supplies, and educational resources. We are proud to be part of a positive change to make a difference in our classrooms across the U.S.

In support of teachers, has been partnering with and sending a percentage of sales each month to classrooms. Through this social responsibility initiative, we fund student projects at public schools with over 5,000 students helped, $32,000 raised, and 54 projects completed to date. This includes one of our most recent projects – “Operation – Calculators to the Rescue!” – which singlehandedly received $1,469 from 25 donors.

As a leading online marketplace, enhances sustainability efforts for retailers by selling consumer electronics and other products that have been returned or deemed overstock. Buyers are able to access great deals on consumer electronics that have been tested to make sure they are in top working condition.

If you’re interested in learning more about Liquidity Services and making a difference with your surplus, please contact us!

Caption: “A creative thank you card from some of the students who benefited from Operation – Calculators to the Rescue!”