Focusing on Sustainability

During the month of April, many individuals and businesses choose to focus on sustainability as a way to commemorate Earth Day and participate in community projects. While any action taken to create a healthier planet is a great step, Earth Day is also an opportunity for organizations to hone their focus on creating a “zero waste” environment. By disposing of surplus and idle assets in a sustainable way, organizations can decrease waste while reaping the benefits of a more streamlined reverse supply chain.

We tackle sustainability by reselling surplus inventory and assets using online B2B and B2C channels, as well as leveraging our large vertical networks to resell assets. By extending the life of surplus, we keep items out of landfills and lessen environmental impact. We serve as a partner in sustainability for thousands of clients across the globe, including 6,200+ government agencies, 7 of the 10 top retailers, and many of the household brand names – eliminating waste streams and offsetting carbon through reduced fuel usage, internal asset redeployment, and other means.

The results add up! Liquidity Services has sold more than 2 billion pounds of scrap material through our online marketplaces, equivalent to over 5,000 Boeing 747 aircrafts being diverted from our nation’s waste stream. Our global buyer base of 2.5 million people across more than 200 countries and territories is part of one of the world’s largest sustainability initiatives, reusing and repurposing surplus items.

One of our Core Values is “doing well and doing good” and we actively demonstrate our efforts to care for our planet and the people on it throughout the year. In addition to our work for clients improving sustainability initiatives, a number of our offices across North America will also be participating in community causes to promote sustainability this month.

We are proud of our team members around the globe and of the work our clients and buyers have accomplished by choosing to buy or sell surplus goods through Liquidity Services’ leading online marketplaces, and there is more work ahead. During the month of April, our blog will focus on a sustainability theme, featuring case studies and information that will show you how businesses are working together with us to make a greener planet. We hope you will bookmark our blog and learn more about how we can do more than just celebrate sustainability this month, but implement sustainability initiatives that make a positive and lasting impact.

Please visit our Services page to learn more about driving sustainability results for your organization.