Growing through Social Media

Growing social media enables us to do what we love the most─ keeping in touch with our clients and buyers around the world. Through these channels we are able to share industry trends as well as interesting and important news allowing for more timely updates than traditional media.

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube are some of the many outlets we use every day. reaches many retail-enthusiasts as one of our top Facebook social media channels, showing frequent updates on our retail-facing side of the business, such as our #Dealoftheday hashtag. One of our recent deals was posted in February on a Sony camera that was listed for 52% off retail price; a great find to help you capture all of the right moments.

Through’s Pinterest handle you can browse numerous images and take advantage of great ideas on how to use all of your surplus gear at any time of year. Some of our favorite topics are how to plan camping trips, unique gardening trends, and fun sports games.

For those interested in all things trucking, our ever growing Truck Center Twitter handle shares information on all the latest auctions and news in the trucking industry. We keep you informed about industry news – from tips for avoiding fines when driving trucks in the snow to how to repurpose trucks that you can use in any industry.

GovDeals creates a great buyer experience through their YouTube channel, which includes helpful videos for specific auction items. Have you had your eye on that 1997 school bus but not sure how it runs? Watch the bus as it makes its way through the snow, showing it can hold up to any weather on any trip you decide to take.  

Through all of these channels you can see information on upcoming sales and auctions and relevant business news. We also post stories on creative ways people use their surplus purchases, such as a tornado relief effort video that features a man using his surplus vehicle to help his community.

We enjoy interacting with those who are also passionate about the reverse supply chain all around the world. We look forward to tweeting, posting, sharing, and communicating with you through social media! Thanks for following us!