Maximize Reverse Supply Chain Value Through Superior Service, Scale, and Results

Every quarter, Liquidity Services surveys our global network of investment recovery and reverse supply chain professionals to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and priorities. Our most recent survey of nearly 150 professionals found that organizations continue to count on the fundamentals of a successful B2B relationship. Specifically, they desire providers that maximize total value across their reverse supply chains through superior service, scale, and results.

By partnering with a vendor that excels in these areas, your organization will experience a high-impact reverse supply chain program that operates as effectively as your core business. Read on to discover selected findings from our survey that show why leading organizations value superior service, scale, and results and how a trusted provider can deliver this. You can also view the full survey results as a white paper or infographic.

Superior Service

Superior service empowers your organization to make informed, sustainable decisions; mitigate risks; and generate results that are meaningful and measurable. Leading organizations value partners that provide exceptional levels of service through…

  • Offering consultative partnerships. The reverse supply chain is less predictable and more complex than the forward supply chain. For this reason, 82% of organizations value providers that understand their business and work closely with them to solve their toughest surplus asset challenges. Liquidity Services has dedicated, experienced client teams that provide consultative service across your reverse supply chain.
  • Mitigating risks in the reverse supply chain.  If handled without expert compliance support, the reverse supply chain is fraught with potential risk. 70% of organizations value a partner that can mitigate all risks associated with managing, valuing, and selling surplus. Liquidity Services provides a full suite of compliance services to protect your business and reputation from all risks associated with surplus asset management.

Superior Scale

Scalable solutions simplify your operations and enhance your productivity globally. An expert reverse supply chain partner delivers superior scale by…

  • Establishing global standards across surplus programs. One of the top challenges of leading organizations is building and implementing best-practices-driven standards for surplus asset management across all their locations worldwide. With a proven ability to establish successful global surplus programs and coverage in almost 200 countries and territories, Liquidity Services can maximize value for your surplus assets and inventory anywhere in the world.
  • Providing complete solutions. Organizations value a provider that can handle the entire reverse supply chain, not just part of it. 44% of our respondents would like their vendor to provide a full suite of solutions. Liquidity Services offers comprehensive surplus solutions to manage, value, and sell all categories of capital assets and retail inventory, eliminating the need to partner with multiple vendors for total coverage.

Superior Results

Organizations value providers that achieve desired results for their surplus programs by…

  • Maximizing recovery. High recovery isn’t the only thing that organizations value, but a provider must deliver it to be competitive. Our respondents’ top challenge in the reverse supply chain is achieving appropriate recovery. Liquidity Services leverages proven multichannel marketing and sales strategies and a vast, global base of nearly 3 million registered buyers to optimize recovery for your surplus.
  • Measuring Results. Leading organizations need to measure their surplus programs’ performance and make informed decisions based on this information. 73% of respondents said they valued a partner’s ability to measure program effectiveness, while 36% called it a challenge. Liquidity Services provides ongoing, detailed, and transparent reporting customized to your preferences, ensuring your program achieves measurable ROI.

Liquidity Services applies insights from our quarterly research to continually enhance our clients’ reverse supply chains. Keenly understanding our clients’ needs helps ensure we always provide superior service and innovative, relevant solutions. Client feedback informed the development of our new brand, and we will continue to leverage client insights to positively transform the reverse supply chain for the benefit of our clients, buyers, and the planet.