Just like with their parcel deliveries where consumers want it “fast, free and easy,” the product returns customer experience is just as important and has similar consumer demands!  More often, consumers want the way they can return products they have purchased in-store or online to be easy, convenient, and – of course – “free!”  According to the National Retail Federation’s 2017 Holiday Shopping Behavior Survey, nearly 2/3 of holiday shoppers made at least one return in the 2017 holiday season, and while more than 80% described the process as “easy,” for those who experienced friction in returns, 64% said they would be hesitant to shop at that retailer ever again.  How do retailers understand, react to, and even drive customer expectations and satisfaction with their returns policies and processes?

In support of PostalVision 2020 and the Reverse Logistics Association (RLA), Jim Rallo, President of our Retail Supply Chain Group, presented at the September 20, 2018 special one-day excursion event “Return to the Future” to discuss the customer experience challenge surrounding returns and how technology is creating innovative solutions.

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