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Feb 25

Consumers Choosing Refurbished Products to be Environmentally Responsible, According to Liquidity Services’ Survey

Liquidity Services, a leading solution provider, facilitates survey
on consumer preferences for refurbished products

Liquidity Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:LQDT), a global solutions provider in
the reverse supply chain with leading online marketplaces for surplus
assets, today announced the results of a recent survey. According to the
survey, 94% of those polled have purchased a refurbished product in the
past three years. Additionally, 41% of respondents buy refurbished
because they consider themselves to be sustainable consumers.

The survey, administered by Liquidity Services in March 2014, received
1,407 responses from consumers who shop in its B2C marketplaces and
channels, including,
representing a large market of consumers who shop online regularly for
products. This is one of the first surveys conducted to understand
consumer perspectives on shopping for refurbished products online.

“We have found that consumers are overwhelmingly receptive to purchasing
refurbished products,” said Rob Caskey, Vice President of Marketing,
Retail Supply Chain Group, Liquidity Services. “Our research also
indicated that consumers understand that buying refurbished is
environmentally friendly. By buying refurbished or surplus products,
consumers are able to extend the life of those products, keep them out
of landfills, and save money in the process.”

Additional consumer findings from the survey include:

  • 21% shop online for electronics two to three times a month
  • 80% consider price important when choosing electronics
  • 96% believe that buying refurbished products will save them money
  • 66% of those likely to purchase refurbished electronics believe that
    refurbished electronics work as well as new products
  • 74% of those likely to purchase refurbished products feel that they
    meet their needs without paying more
  • 84% who have purchased refurbished products have been satisfied with
    product functionality and with the price paid for the value received
  • 81% would recommend buying refurbished products to their family and

Liquidity Services recommends that consumers who choose to buy
refurbished products consider the following tips as they shop online:

  • Detailed product information should be included – Consumers can
    be clear on what they are buying by understanding the condition of the
    product and the features and accessories included.
  • Listing should have product photos – Visuals of the product can
    expand upon the product description and help customers ensure they are
    purchasing the right item.
  • Variety of shipping options should be available – Consumers
    typically want to save money in secondary markets; it’s important to
    ensure affordable shipping options.
  • Look for a warranty – Warranties can be available on certain
    types of refurbished goods and help ensure that consumers receive a
    quality product.

In addition to its B2C marketplaces and channels, Liquidity Services’
primarily serves small business buyers who resell surplus or refurbished
products, allowing more consumers to access goods in a sustainable way.
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