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Five Graduation Gift Ideas for 2017 from

NRF Survey Predicts Total Graduation Spending Could Reach $5.6

(NASDAQ: LQDT), a global solution provider in the reverse
supply chain with the world’s largest marketplace for business surplus,
is pleased to announce five top ideas for graduation gifts from,
a leading e-commerce marketplace where professional buyers purchase bulk
lots of returned retail merchandise for their resale channels.

This year’s top suggestions include:

  1. Cell
    phones and accessories
    . These days, cell phones and
    accessories are necessities of life. Why not surprise your grad with a
    new iPhone or Galaxy? Or maybe a wireless charging pad or cell phone
    case – perfect accessories that will ensure their phone is ready and
    charged, just in time to take that call from mom and dad.
  2. Desktop
    and laptop computers
    . Computers are big-ticket items many
    graduates can’t afford on their own, but they’re essential for class
    and post-grad life. Need more budget-friendly options? Check out
    accessories like headphones, graphics cards or routers. They’re fun
    and will score major brownie points with new roomies.
  3. Computer
    . With the growing popularity of streaming video,
    monitors are a great accompaniment to a desk top or laptop. They come
    in all shapes and sizes – perfect for any budget. Your grad can now
    watch Game of Thrones on the big screen.
  4. Bedding.
    What shows your personality more than unique bedding? No matter if
    it’s a dorm room or first apartment, duvet covers, pillow cases,
    blankets and towels are always appreciated — especially if they
    reflect your grad’s sense of style.
  5. Furniture.
    Another big-ticket item, but a have-to-have for some dorm rooms and
    that first apartment. Grads need the basics like beds and sofas. But
    smaller essentials, like rugs and lamps, are good alternatives that
    won’t break the bank.

“Graduating from high school, college or professional school is a major
life accomplishment,” said Jim Rallo, president of Liquidity Services’
Retail Supply Chain Group. “Practical items such as consumer
electronics, furniture and home appliances are great gift ideas for
cash-strapped graduates as they start the next chapter of their lives,
whether they’re heading to college, graduate school or starting a first
job. This year, the National Retail Federation (NRF) estimates that
total graduation spend could reach as much as $5.6 billion, which makes
purchasing gifts from our professional buyers’ resale channels a smart
way to get more for less.”
is an e-commerce marketplace where professional buyers can purchase
commercial surplus inventory and government surplus assets in an online
environment. Bulk lots are sold by the truckload, pallet, or small
package, and conditions range from new in a box to customer returns and
used. The wide variety of product categories includes apparel,
computers, electronics, housewares, industrial equipment and vehicles.

To place bids on these items, or participate in any auction on a
Liquidity Services marketplace, please register.

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Liquidity Services (NASDAQ: LQDT) employs innovative e-commerce
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