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Mar 13

Liquidity Services Inc.’s Online Marketplaces Reach One Million Registered Buyers Mark

LSI Reaches Critical Mass of Professional Buyers Seeking Wholesale Surplus and Salvage Merchandise


One million buyers are now turning to Liquidity Services Inc.’s
(LSI) online auction marketplaces for their inventory sourcing needs.
Through its online auction marketplaces,,, and, LSI
provides professional buyers with convenient, online access to a
global supply of surplus merchandise and used capital assets from the
retail supply chain and government agencies.

As retailers, manufacturers and government organizations seek to
generate maximum recovery from returned and overstock merchandise and
surplus capital assets, they are increasingly looking to LSI’s online
sales channels to quickly access a broad buyer audience to drive
competitive pricing and rapid sales. In turn, this is creating a large
supply of inventory that is attractive and profitable for small
businesses and entrepreneurs to resell in online retail stores,
discount stores, boutiques, flea markets, swap meet venues and in
export markets.

“Sourcing goods through LSI’s marketplaces has really broadened
the items we have to sell, and has nearly doubled the number of items
we are selling on a monthly basis,” said Danny and Andrea Klous,
owners of an online resale business, Dandi Deals. “Not only are we
having fun buying the loads but we are also doing much better on the
selling side of things. We have seen our sales increase dramatically
and our profits shoot through the roof.”

LSI serves over 375 large corporate sellers, including leading
Fortune 500 retailers, mid-size and regional specialty retailers and
manufacturers to market and sell consumer returns, overstock, seasonal
items and other surplus merchandise in lot sizes ranging from a pallet
to a full truck load. Buyers can source goods in over 500 product
categories such as apparel, consumer electronics, housewares, power
tools and building equipment, store fixtures, and technology and
office equipment.

In addition, LSI handles surplus asset sales, including vehicles,
heavy equipment and scrap metal, for over 1,000 government agency

“LSI is an incubator for helping small and mid-size businesses
grow,” said Bill Angrick, Chairman and CEO of LSI. “By moving the
traditional liquidation industry online, LSI is providing professional
buyers a more efficient and cost effective solution to source large
volumes of goods that are attractive to refurbish and resell to an end
user. During the recent economic turmoil, we are excited to continue
to help our buyers expand their business by providing a continuous
supply of merchandise that is attractive to value conscious consumers
and end users.”

About Liquidity Services, Inc. (LQDT)

Liquidity Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:LQDT) and its subsidiaries enable
corporations and government agencies to market and sell surplus assets
and wholesale goods quickly and conveniently using online auction
marketplaces and value-added services. The company is based in
Washington, D.C. and has 685 employees. Additional information can be
found at:

Source: Liquidity Services, Inc.