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Feb 24

Liquidity Services, Inc. to Conduct Auction for Caltex Australia’s Kurnell Refinery

Bidding opens September 17 via Liquidity Services’ online marketplace
for complete group of currently operational units from the plant

Liquidity Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:LQDT) today announced that a sealed bid
auction has been scheduled for operational units at Caltex Australia’s
Kurnell refinery. The units within the refinery, which has a nameplate
capacity of 135,000 barrels per day, are being offered as a complete
package and comprise over ten individual process units including: Crude
Units, FCC Units, Reformer Units and a Sulfur Recovery Unit. Until
September 30, 2014, prospective buyers can see the plant in operation
and meet with the operators and engineers in order to learn more about
the “ins and outs” of operating the refinery.

Interested buyers will have the opportunity to make an offer on the
entire refinery or on individual process units via Liquidity Services’
The sealed bid auction opens on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 12am
CDT and closes on Wednesday, October 1 at 4pm CDT. For more details on
scheduling a visit to the facility and to register to bid, please visit:

Caltex said it would complete the conversion of its Kurnell refinery
site into a major fuel import terminal during the fourth quarter of 2014
and is exploring options for the re-use or sale of redundant plant and

“This sale presents a rare opportunity for commercial buyers in the
refining and petrochemical industry to purchase a fully-operational
plant from a globally recognized organization,” said Tom Burton,
President and EVP of Liquidity Services’ Capital Assets Group. “Caltex’s
decision to market and sell its soon-to-be-closed refinery assets prior
to the plant shutdown in October has also created a unique opportunity
and advantage for potential buyers to inspect the plant and see it in
operation before bidding.”

Below is a partial list of items that will be available for sale:

  • 60,000BPD Crude Unit
  • 21,500BPD FCCU
  • 21,700BPD FCCU
  • 2,600BPD Poly Unit
  • 3,600BPD Alkylation Unit
  • 15,532BPD Platformer
  • 75,000BPD Crude Unit
  • 24TPD Sulfur Recovery Unit
  • 15,700BPD Rheniformer
  • 32,750BPD Diesel Hydrotreater
  • 9,300BPD Iso Siv Unit with Pressure Swing Absorber (PSA)
  • 9,800BPD Benzene Saturation (UOP)
  • 2MW Steam Driven Power Plant with (4) Generators and (2) Boilers

Liquidity Services’
marketplace allows professional buyers to source surplus energy
equipment in the oil and gas, petrochemical, power/utilities, and mining
industries from any location around the globe, including seven of the
top 10 oil and gas companies. Bidders can evaluate available equipment
from an online platform and then purchase assets via the regularly
scheduled industry marketplace auctions. The Network International
provides buyers a safe, easy and secure purchasing experience, which
includes buyer support services, logistics, and multiple payment methods.

About Liquidity Services, Inc.

Liquidity Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: LQDT) provides leading corporations,
public sector agencies, and buying customers the world’s most
transparent, innovative, and effective online marketplaces and
integrated services for surplus assets. On behalf of its clients,
Liquidity Services has completed the sale of over $4.7 billion of
surplus assets in over 500 product categories, including consumer goods,
capital assets, and industrial equipment. The company is headquartered
in Washington, D.C. with global locations across the Americas, Europe,
and Asia. Additional information can be found at:

About Caltex Australia

Caltex is Australia’s leading fuels marketer and is underpinned by a
flexible and reliable supply chain. The integrated business incorporates
supply, refining, logistics and marketing. With about 22,000
shareholders, including institutions, retail investors, employees, and
Chevron Global Energy Inc., Caltex is the only oil refining, fuel and
convenience marketing company listed on the Australian Securities
Exchange. Caltex’s vision is to continue to be the outright leader in
transport fuels across Australia.

Source: Liquidity Services, Inc.

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