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Mar 13

Liquidity Services Provides Update on Bidding Results for U.S. Department of Defense Non-Rolling Stock and Rolling Stock Surplus Contracts

Liquidity Services determined apparent high bidder for non-rolling
stock surplus contract; withdraws from bidding for rolling stock surplus

Liquidity Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: LQDT), a global solutions provider in
the reverse supply chain with leading online marketplaces for surplus
assets, today announced the preliminary results of the live auction
bidding events held by the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) on April
1-2, 2014 to purchase, manage and sell surplus assets of the U.S.
Department of Defense (DoD).

Bidding Results

As announced on April 1, 2014, the Company remains the apparent high
bidder for the non-rolling stock surplus contract with a bid equal to
4.35% of the DoD’s original acquisition value (OAV). The non-rolling
stock surplus contract has a base term of two years with four one-year
renewal options.

Following the bidding event on April 2, 2014 for the DoD rolling stock
contract, Liquidity Services announced that it withdrew from the live
auction bidding for this contract. Bidding reached a level that
Liquidity Services determined would be economically unsustainable under
the terms of the new contract, jeopardizing the high level of service it
has historically provided the agency client. Final contract awards are
subject to a protest period and a pre-award survey by the DoD regarding
the bidder’s ability to satisfactorily perform the work in accordance
with their technical proposal submitted in step-one of the solicitation.

“Liquidity Services’ longstanding philosophy is to focus on
opportunities that leverage our strengths to provide value to our
clients and which deliver attractive returns on our effort and
investment,” said Bill Angrick, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of
Liquidity Services. “We are excited with the prospect of continuing our
14 year relationship with the DLA to sell surplus non-rolling stock
assets which builds on our experience selling over 240 million surplus
items for the DoD since 2001.”

Financial Discussion

Because the contracting process is not complete, the Company cannot at
this time provide a revised forecast on future financial results.
However, based on the unofficial April 1-2 bid results, the price for
the non-rolling stock contract is expected to increase from 1.8% to
4.35% of OAV, resulting in significantly higher Cost of Goods Sold
(COGS) in fiscal year 2015 and beyond. Additionally, the Company expects
to cease the sale of DoD rolling stock under the new contract, which has
historically accounted for approximately 30-35% of the overall GMV for
the current DoD surplus contract, resulting in lower GMV in future
periods. Together, this will require a material reset of the Company’s
EBITDA forecast in fiscal year 2015.

Liquidity Services will continue to operate its existing DoD surplus
contract to sell all useable surplus assets of the DoD, including
rolling stock and non-rolling stock assets, for the base term ending
December 2014, with two additional one-month renewal options. As such,
the Company expects the April 1-2 bid results will not affect fiscal
year 2014 results.

About Liquidity Services, Inc.

Liquidity Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: LQDT) provides leading corporations,
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