Reverse Supply Chain in Motion: Warehouse Highlights – Garland, Texas

Customers. Customers. Customers. When discussing Liquidity Services Garland, Texas warehouse, General Manager Braheem Otunba has nothing but enthusiasm when referencing how this warehouse has maximized its customer interaction.

According to Braheem, “Our ability to preview products with buyers through detailed descriptions and photos that our warehouse staff provides makes a big difference for buyers in making their purchase decisions. This is just one of the ways we provide a better service for both our sellers and buyers. We are always excited to see the customers face-to-face when they pick up products and provide a superior level of service.” 

At the Garland warehouse, employees have been able to develop interpersonal skills that allow them to listen and fully understand what each customer needs. Customers often share with associates what they plan on using their products for in the future, allowing our associates to help them find what they need at a later date.

In the Garland warehouse, and others like it around the U.S., one of the greatest attributes is being able to work directly with customers and informing continuous improvement for the customer experience. This offers greater value to sellers and buyers in our marketplaces, including and Although this is a common occurrence for many of our warehouses, the Garland warehouse has customers who travel from as far away as Florida to acquire product. Their reason? Overall satisfaction with the Garland, TX warehouse and staff.

In an effort to meet their expectations, the warehouse is now able to lot items according to customer needs. Generally, most warehouses for other companies will ship out only single units, rather than consolidating them for the customer. Our warehouse associates have taken customer feedback to the next level – making the practice of warehousing goods an art form. 

As the first warehouse in the Liquidity Services distribution and fulfillment network for retail and consumer products inventory, the Garland location has significantly expanded and diversified its product offering. Today, they offer everything from consumer electronics to housewares to jewelry and watches. These products are then sold via multiple channels to optimize value for buyers and sellers. One thing is for sure; this warehouse is on the cutting edge of the reverse supply chain, making a big difference for retailers and manufacturers who need to sell refurbished, overstock, and returned product, as well as for buyers who need a steady resource for inventory.  

Learn more about the Garland warehouse in a recent media story on ABC Dallas News 8.

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