Reverse Supply Chain in Motion: Warehouse Highlights – Las Vegas, Nevada

A New Perception of Vegas

While many know there is tremendous energy along the Las Vegas strip, what is lesser seen is the spark of energy and operations inside of Liquidity Services’ Las Vegas warehouse. This warehouse is part of our extensive network of warehouses dedicated to enhancing the brands of leading retailers and product manufacturers while adding value for our buyers who take advantage of the wide variety of lots and inventory available. The team of warehouse associates has true competency in what they do and take ownership and pride in their work. This capability and drive among the warehouse team is essential when customers drive from Arizona, California, and Nevada travel to pick up their wholesale lots directly and expect an easy purchase experience.

A Focus On Customers

When it comes to the processing wholesale shipments, the warehouse places great focus on building customer relationships and learning how to best meet their needs. We recognize that most buyers appreciate specialized inventory, and with training and dedication the warehouse is geared toward sorting general merchandise into lots that appeal to customers. Warehouse employees proactively take feedback from buyers and use their advice to make changes and optimize overall performance and customer satisfaction. Even within a single day, the warehouse is able to adjust its operations to reflect the changing needs of customers.

Preparing for a Future of Growth

Completing its third year as a fully operational facility, the warehouse has surpassed expectations for growth, clientele, and overall customer service. The successful operation of this warehouse has created a best-in-class process for the reverse supply chain.

To view auction listings from the Las Vegas, Nevada warehouse, please visit this link.