Reverse Supply Chain in Motion: Warehouse Highlights – Plainfield, Indiana

We all know that for any final product or service, there is a much larger behind-the-scenes operation. Liquidity Services has built an extensive network of warehouses that are integral to the success of our business. Hundreds of dedicated workers support the streamlined operations for our clients’ reverse supply chain.

Karen Ling, General Manager of Liquidity Services’ Plainfield, Indiana warehouse serving retail and product manufacturer clients, finds our operations distinctively unique. “We extend the life of products that may have otherwise prematurely ended up in a landfill. Through our online marketplace, we are giving people an opportunity to purchase merchandise that is generally returned, overstocked, or previous generations, as with refurbished consumer gadgets. This merchandise is purchased at a reduced price from what you would find when buying items at the large retail stores.” 

The Role of Warehouse Specialists

Warehouse specialists like Karen Ling also work directly with the other side of the reverse supply chain— buyers. Customers travel from across the region to pick up a broad range of products. For our Plainfield warehouse, one customer may drive in from Tennessee to buy pallets of salvage TVs—repairing what he can, and then selling the TV’s as units or individual parts. To handle such a diverse mix of products and lot sizes, warehouse specialists at Liquidity Services have developed skills to make the process seamless. The continued infusion of innovative ideas have improved the process to meet the recovery, sustainability, and brand protection needs of clients, applying higher standards that might only be typical of forward supply chain, in the reverse supply chain.

Engaging Our Employees

In addition to working hard to contribute to a robust daily operation in the warehouse, our Plainfield team places a strong focus on teamwork and morale. In addition to the fun activities such as cookouts to celebrate the Fourth of July and the annual costume contest at Halloween, employees have also come together to sponsor a family in the community during the holidays, donating time and resources to bring joy to a family in need.

Delivering a high quality of service to clients, supporting positive and lasting interactions with buyers, and creating a sense of community; our Plainfield warehouse makes a difference in the company and in the larger industry.

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