Something Sweet for Your Valentine

Looking for something that will wow your valentine this year and is a little out of the ordinary? Give them something that will stand out and get their heart racing from Uncle Sam’s Retail Outlet.

Sing a love song with this vintage ovation string acoustic guitar – strike a chord by clicking here!

Going somewhere cold, maybe a ski resort for the weekend? Bundle up and share the warmth with cold weather boots and tread through the snow with military issue magnesium snowshoes.

When thinking of ‘baggage’ during Valentine’s Day, it’s often not something you want to hear about. But with a rucksack  this cool, maybe a little baggage isn’t too bad after all.

If you’re the romantic type or prefer to lay-low, we have something for you, from outdoor camping equipment to audio and video equipment to hardware and tools. So whether you’re staying in this Valentine’s Day or going out of town, check out Uncle Sam’s Retail Outlet to find items to make this Valentine’s Day special.