Spring Cleaning: Find Millions in the Corporate Couch Cushions

Piggy bankRemember that time you were cleaning out your house, your car, or even the drawers in your office, and you found that wad of cash you’d all but forgotten about?

What if you could make that same kind of luck happen for your business?

At any given time, almost 20% of a typical organization’s assets are surplus to its needs. From office equipment to production machinery to entire facilities, these assets lie idle or in storage, depreciating in value and representing potentially millions in untapped value for your organization. By doing a little spring cleaning and locating and identifying those assets, it’s a simple process to convert those assets to capital for your company’s bottom line—assuming, of course, you have assistance from an expert surplus asset management partner like Liquidity Services.

Value—and Costs—Where They’re Least Expected

One of the biggest reasons why businesses struggle to manage surplus assets is that it’s so difficult to track them, especially with multiple locations spread out across the world. Often, surplus assets are scattered across facilities worldwide and it’s extremely challenging to identify and manage them all unless you have a consistent proven process to do so.

Other organizations may know exactly what surplus assets they have, but simply don’t have the internal resources to manage the surplus as effectively as possible. Most large companies have made significant investments in boosting their supply chain capabilities, but even the most well-capitalized enterprises may find that surplus asset management is simply outside their core competencies.

The fact is that these assets are costing you money to hold onto, whether in the form of rental fees for storage space or recovery you’re not getting by letting them lie idle. Selling or redeploying your surplus will help you remove expenses, improve operational efficiencies, and generate cash back to your business.

Let Liquidity Services help identify this surplus and convert it into cash, ensuring a big spring capital boost for your organization.

5 Steps to Effective Investment Recovery

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