Sustainability is Our Theme for April

April is a month around the world where organizations and people formally recognize efforts to create sustainable initiatives that minimize or eliminate environmental impact. At Liquidity Services, with a core part of our mission to “do well by doing good,” we actively demonstrate our efforts to care for our planet and the people on it throughout the year. Sustainability is a cornerstone of the services that Liquidity Services provides to its clients and buyers. Here are just a few of our shared sustainability achievements:

  • We serve as a partner in sustainability for thousands of clients across the globe, including the Defense Logistics Agency, 7 of the 10 top retailers, Acer, and the State of Georgia — to name a few — to eliminate waste streams and offset carbon through reduced fuel usage, smart asset management, and other means.
  • More than 2 Billion pounds of scrap material have been resold and repurposed, being kept out of landfills through our leading online marketplaces that sell end-of-life/surplus assets from organizations or returned/overstock inventory from retailers.
  • Our global buyer base (2.2 million strong!) across more than 200 countries and territories is part of one of the world’s largest sustainability initiatives, reusing and repurposing other organization’s surplus items for use in their business or personal life.

We are proud of the work our clients and buyers have accomplished through Liquidity Services’ services and online marketplaces, and yet, there is more work to do. During the month of April, our blog will focus on a sustainability theme, featuring case studies and information that will show you how businesses are working together with us to make a greener planet. We hope you will bookmark our blog and learn more about how we can do more than just celebrate sustainability this month, but implement sustainability initiatives that make a positive impact.

Please visit our Services page to learn more about driving sustainability results for your organization.