Tiger Liquidity Services Partnership Helps Insolvent Energy Companies Maximize Capital with Efficiency and Speed

As macro trends drive energy enterprises into bankruptcy or distressed situations, insolvency and turnaround professionals are looking to enhance their services to this market. In response, Liquidity Services has partnered with Tiger – a leading provider of asset valuation, advisory, and disposition services – to form Tiger Liquidity Services Energy Partners (TLSEP).

Together, we help insolvency and turnaround companies maximize capital for their clients’ distressed assets, whether through an asset disposition or principal deal. Disposition solutions are built upon efficient, accurate valuations, which can also provide the intelligence to help distressed companies remain solvent.

Energy partners

Challenged by macro industry trends, energy companies are being driven into insolvent and distressed situations


By partnering with TLSEP, insolvency and turnaround companies can realize the following benefits:

  • Maximize asset recovery through our extensive global buyer base and comprehensive marketing and sales strategies
  • Quickly achieve capital, with many sales completed within 60 days
  • Make intelligent finance and disposition decisions with accurate, comprehensive appraisals 
  • Receive capital and eliminate risk with an immediate purchase offer for your assets
  • Mitigate compliance risks associated with energy assets through our dedicated compliance team

Case Study: TLSEP Helps Professional Services Company Generate Capital for Insolvent Energy Assets

After Enseco, a leading supplier of drilling and production testing services, went into receivership in 2015, a leading professional services company was brought in to manage this company’s insolvent assets across several North American sites. TLSEP provided immediate capital to our client for assets at two sites, enabling it to fulfill its receivership obligations by paying Enseco’s creditors while avoiding potential risks in the secondary market.

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