Unclaimed Evidence Becomes Online Merchandise in Portland, Oregon

The Portland Police Bureau in Oregon has found a new resource for their seized or court-recovered evidence. Instead of allowing unclaimed evidence to be thrown away or go to waste, Liquidity Services sells items from police departments online.

Currently, it is a standard procedure for the police department to hold seized or court-related property for at least 60 days before disposal. Depending on the status of the court case, evidence can be held over or under the designated amount of time. Revenue from items sold through Liquidity Services’ online marketplace, GovDeals, goes directly to the City of Portland’s general fund. This more efficient disposition process benefits the city by freeing up storage space and returning revenue to the city.

A wide range of items can end up on the GovDealswebsite for sale. Some evidence is like-new merchandise. Two Timex watches recently auctioned on GovDeals had never been worn. According to police spokesman Sergeant Pete Simpson in an article on Oregon Live, the bureau makes an effort to return the property to rightful owners, but when the items cannot be traced to a person or business, or are left unclaimed for a period of time, they are put up for sale on the online auction site.

Liquidity Services provides a seamless approach in managing surplus inventory by identifying each item’s value and tapping into its online buyer base. This allows for the bureau to receive maximum return on investment. Currently, the Portland Police Bureau has items listed for sale on GovDeals — from road bikes to jewelry and was featured in a number of media articles through KATUNWCN, and Fox 12 Oregon.

The bureau has offered a few tips regarding personal property. Keep inventory of valuable items in a fire-safe container, engrave your license number on personal items, and take pictures of valuables. These small steps will help stolen items be returned to their owners.

If you are a government agency interested in listing assets for sale on GovDeals, please contact our team.