Video Equipment from Sochi Comes Stateside

What was once behind the scenes at the Sochi Winter Games – such as projectors, broadcast and IT equipment – is now center stage in the U.S. Recently, Liquidity Services and NBC Olympics partnered on a sustainable disposition process for hundreds of items no longer needed after the Sochi Winter Games. The result? End-users have access to a variety of gently-used equipment that can be put to immediate use, while NBC Olympics is able to maximize value for its surplus while protecting its brand and supporting sustainability initiatives.

This project is a great example of a proactive approach for surplus assets. As mentioned in an article in The Guardian, there are consequences when obsolete assets are not managed properly. The longer assets remain idle and are not put to productive use, the more they depreciate in value and take up storage space, costing an organization money and valuable resources.

By partnering with a trusted provider for surplus-asset solutions– whether on an “Olympic” scale or something simpler– organizations can unlock the hidden value in their surplus, also known as the reverse supply chain. As the leader in the reverse supply chain, Liquidity Services offers customized services to best suit an organization’s individual needs and drive the highest recovery value for each sale, connecting our clients to a buyer base of 2.5 million globally.

For more information on our partnership with NBC Olympics, please read the press release on our News & Press page. For a better look at Liquidity Services’ comprehensive service offerings, please visit our Services page or contact us.