Warehouse Spotlight: North Las Vegas

Curious what happens to your surplus inventory once it arrives in our warehouse? Here’s an inside look at our warehouse in North Las Vegas, one of 11 we operate across the U.S.

Warehouse Process

The North Las Vegas facility manages client surplus inventory from initial processing through reselling to buyers in multiple states. Our dedicated warehouse staff ensures efficiency and quality through every step of the surplus inventory management process, including:

  1. Processing/Reconciliation: We receive items – from large pallets of clothing to single items like hot-dog cookers – and document them by pallet or individually to confirm the quantities we receive match the quantities in our clients’ manifest records.
  2. Data Wiping: All used items with data are wiped according to DoD standards to remove this data.
  3. Sale Preparation: We sort items into strategic “lots” based on data from our warehouse system, then determine which of our many sales channels (B2B direct sales, B2B online marketplaces, B2C online marketplaces) items should be sold on.

Our warehouse associates are trained to efficiently process assets in massive volumes while also providing management, inspection, documentation, and sales support for assets.

warehouse isle

A look at a few of the items that flow through our Vegas warehouse every day

Professional Team Drives Success

Behind every transaction is a professional and helpful team – essential for when customers travel to pick up product or clients drop off surplus. Our associates pride themselves in creating a great experience from the moment the client or buyer arrives. For example, we greet each buyer with a smile the moment they walk into our air-conditioned customer-centered room, a perfect place to escape the Vegas heat.

Since each client has its own guidelines or rules for how it wants assets sold, our team members must be nimble enough to skillfully manage these requests. With each client or product mix, associates in the warehouse determine the best way to fulfill the request. Because of this, the North Las Vegas staff has become extremely adaptable to change.

With a large pride in teamwork and efficiency at this warehouse, customers receive the best service possible and a quick turnaround time, allowing for a positive view on the brand and their product.

Moving Forward

The North Las Vegas warehouse holds a critical role in taking the burden of surplus off of our client’s shoulders, keeping items out of landfills, and connecting surplus to the right buyers in a friendly and comfortable environment. The warehouse resonates with customers and buyers as a very special place, where associates are proud of their work and provide innovative solutions to surplus management.

vegas warehouse 2

To view auction listings from the North Las Vegas, Nevada warehouse, please visit this link.