We’ve Rebranded!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Liquidity Services’ new brand! We have consolidated our client (seller) marketplaces under the Liquidity Services name, promoting a singular and superior experience for those companies who partner with us to sell or redeploy their assets. We are a global solution provider in the reverse supply chain with the world’s largest marketplace for business surplus, and our new brand represents our transformation to a unified and integrated enterprise.

Rebranding is more than just a logo change. Our new brand is a promise to our clients that stands the test of time. We are rebranding now after a period of growth, starting when the company was founded in 1999. Now, with 15 years of experience in multiple industries and 1200 employees across the globe, we have the ability to meet clients’ needs for the disposition of virtually any asset type, in any condition, anywhere in the world. Over the past few months we have conducted in-depth surveys across all industries we serve to develop a deeper understanding of our clients and what they really want from their reverse supply chain partner. After analyzing these results, we determined best practices to create a better future for how surplus assets are managed, valued, and sold. We are a partner our clients can trust to mitigate risks and maximize return.

Liquidity Services provides better service, scale, and results to ensure we maximize return and velocity across your reverse supply chain. Through our reach, multichannel sales capabilities, and unparalleled scope of services, you can simplify your operations and enhance productivity globally.


  • Dedicated client teams and staff of experts in every industry, market, and asset category we serve
  • Perspective and knowledge of industry best practices
  • A wealth of market, performance, and operational data available on demand
  • Robust compliance and risk mitigation services, such as export controls and buyer screening
  • AssetZone® platform used by professionals at Fortune 1000, Global 500, and government enterprises


  • Integrated services that span consultative management, valuation, and sale of surplus
  • Services that scale across all your locations worldwide to manage a virtually unlimited volume of surplus
  • Ability to manage nearly all asset categories and conditions
  • Capacity to maximize velocity and return through comprehensive marketing and sales strategies
  • Nearly 3 million registered buyers across almost 200 countries and territories


  • Over $6 billion in total sales
  • Over 8,000 clients worldwide in virtually every industry
  • Adherence to industry-leading quality standards, such as Six Sigma, R2, and certified product refurbishment
  • $100 million investment in marketing and technology innovation
  • Publicly traded company with profitability every quarter since 2006 IPO

Creating a better future for surplus reflects our commitment to raise the level of our own performance and elevate what client organizations should expect from the reverse supply chain industry.

Please reach out to us to learn how a Liquidity Services partnership can benefit your business.

Welcome to the new and improved Liquidity Services!