Auctions Generate Millions for Surplus Construction Assets

When one of the world’s largest construction and civil engineering companies needed to efficiently demobilize from several projects while maximizing profit for the surplus assets involved, it called on Liquidity Services.


The client had recently completed three construction projects in the remote Curtis Island area of Queensland, Australia. It was financially motivated to swiftly remove a wide range of surplus remaining from these projects including pipe, valves, construction supplies, plant support equipment, vehicles, shipping containers, formwork, and scaffolding. 

How We Help

For nearly a year, we’ve partnered with the client to sell and remove its surplus through a series of ongoing auctions that will continue through the end of the year. In this time, we’ve returned over $15 million and counting to the company, selling more than 2,000 lots to nearly 1,000 registered buyers in 14 countries worldwide.

 Proven Marketing and Sales Methods Maximize Return



Our base of nearly 3 million global buyers and multiple marketplaces for capital assets ensure we sell the client’s surplus for maximum return. After creating “lot listings” for auctions with photos and product details to whet buyer interest, we draw interest to them via a wide range of marketing methods, including:

  • Targeted and local advertising
  • Telemarketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media

 These efforts have resulted in over 30,000 page views and counting for the client’s lots.

 Liquidity Services conducts private treaty sales for the client’s more specialized assets, finding and directly negotiating with a small group of targeted buyers. We also manage and supervise the inspection and removal of assets by buyers as needed.

A Lasting Partnership

These sales are part of a larger ongoing initiative with the client. Since 2012, we’ve partnered with the client on dozens of projects around the world, from a subway system expansion in Washington, DC to a mining project in Chile. These efforts have generated over 6.3 million in total sales for the client. Read the full case study on our website to learn how we serve as an ongoing strategic partner to this client, helping it optimize profitability while focusing on its core business of delivering landmark engineering and construction projects.