Bill Angrick Talks Sustainability for the Fortune 1000 in Reverse Logistics Magazine

The trend to “go green” has continued to evolve for corporations as concepts, such as greenwashing, have factored into the market landscape. Parallel to the lack of clarity on true sustainability, the pressure of the “triple bottom line,” encouraging companies to define success around the areas of people, planet, and profit, is a frequent topic for management. From the importance of sustainability reporting to mitigating brand risk to providing clear-cut ways for leading companies to achieve the planet and profit portions of their triple bottom line; Liquidity Services’ Chairman and CEO Bill Angrick speaks to all things sustainability in his recently published article, “Enhancing Sustainability Through Your Reverse Supply Chain,” in Reverse Logistics Magazine.

Times have changed and it’s no longer an option to simply avoid sustainability planning in long term business goals. Tools like Liquidity Services’ AssetZone — a SaaS tool that can provide enterprise-wide visibility into capital equipment and assets to make decisions about whether to keep, redeploy, or sell assets — are critical for Fortune 1000 and other leading and mid-sized companies to integrate sustainability into their business operations. Read the full article to learn more.

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