Liquidity Services Answers the Question: Redeploy or Sell Assets for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

The pharmaceutical industry has a number of factors impacting its business and continues to adapt their operations to meet business goals. While R&D, manufacturing, and sales and marketing efforts are key business drivers, the importance of asset management has also received attention from the global leaders in this industry.

What happens to specialized equipment developed for specific manufacturing needs for the pharmaceutical industry after it’s reached the end of its life or is no longer in use? That’s the question Liquidity Services’ Tom Burton answers in his recently published article, “To Redeploy or Dispose of Surplus Assets — That’s the Question,” in Pharmaceutical Online.

With the growing need to reduce capital expenses in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector, allowing assets to lie idle or dispose of them without a strategic process, is simply bad business. With business tools — such as Liquidity Services’ AssetZone® — to manage and internally redeploy surplus and idle assets, leading organizations can create revenue streams and better utilize their equipment. Through our leading online marketplace, GoIndustry DoveBid, we serve the top companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to improve asset management and disposition.

Contact Liquidity Services for more information about AssetZone® and how to return revenue to your bottom line through smarter asset management. Read the full article for more insight into whether to redeploy or sell surplus assets.