Chairman and CEO Bill Angrick Discusses Benefits of Innovating Your Reverse Supply Chain

The reverse supply chain, the process that assets and goods follow after they are considered no longer useful or have reached the end of their life, has long been considered an unavoidable burden of business; but it also holds the potential to provide tremendous competitive advantage for companies. In his recent article, “Innovating to Unlock Value in the Reverse Supply Chain”, published in Reverse Logistics Magazine, Liquidity Services Chairman and CEO Bill Angrick explains several methods to innovate within the reverse supply chain to reduce costs, while providing revenue and improving an organization’s brand.

Mr. Angrick references two case studies to demonstrate common difficulties facing companies, such as lack of market information and a fragmented process for tracking and selling goods in the secondary marketplace. By utilizing the help of an experienced asset management partner, such as Liquidity Services, the companies — a Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturer and a leading OEM — were able to achieve success through improved brand perception, increased value, and business expansion.

Read the entire article for a unique and innovative perspective of reverse supply chain management as an opportunity to unlock value in your business, and contact Liquidity Services to learn more.