Liquidity Services Named in “Great Supply Chain Projects” for Consumer Electronics Client Work

With ever-evolving demands on retail and OEM supply chains, Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE), a leading supply chain publication, has gathered the top supply chain projects across the globe that demonstrate best practices and effective results for supply chain executives and solutions providers. Through a formal recognition of the top 100 supply chain projects, these “Great Supply Chain Projects” are highlighted in an annual list known as the SDCE 100. The magazine’s editorial staff reviewed a number of factors to select these projects in 2013, which included: scope of the project, creative application of technologies, and extent of the business impact.

While we work on hundreds of successful supply chain projects throughout the year at Liquidity Services, we were honored to have one of these examples be recognized for reverse supply chain excellence through the SDCE 100. The winning case study summarized our Retail Supply Chain Group’s efforts on behalf of a top consumer electronics manufacturer to improve brand perception, increase recovery value for refurbished and returned products, and streamline reverse logistics efforts.

Our team assembled a customized, comprehensive solution that used multiple online consumer and business marketplaces paired with top-tier customer service and fulfillment. With a multi-channel sales platform in place, our OEM client experienced a truly significant increase in recovery value while greatly reducing inventory exposure on their products in secondary markets in the first six months. Additionally, the OEM was able to focus on their core business while benefiting from the highest levels of service further supporting their brand and pricing in the secondary marketplace. Customer perception of their consumer electronics products across the board improved significantly, resulting in new customer growth at higher margins.

Product disposition in secondary markets can be fragmented and tough to manage. Equally important, the secondary markets have a major impact on a brand’s integrity and revenue across all of their channels. With a trusted partner to collaborate with, an OEM can better manage their brand and improve returns in the secondary marketplace. To learn more about how we transform supply chains, build brands, and enhance sustainability missions or how we can help your business, please reach out to our team.

Make sure to pick up the June 2013 issue of Supply & Demand Chain Executive, and look for the detailed coverage of these highlighted supply chain projects online at To read more about this project, please visit ourcase study library.