Hallmark Selects Liquidity Services as Surplus Sales Channel

Birthdays, holidays, and special occasions are all times when greeting cards are on your shopping list. And now, you will soon also have the chance to purchase the equipment that creates those special greetings. Through our GoIndustry DoveBid marketplace — the preferred online sales channel for commercial surplus assets — printing businesses and those in the paper-packaging industry have a unique opportunity to acquire quality equipment directly from one of the most recognized greeting card organizations in the world, Hallmark.

Beginning on August 12th, businesses will have an opportunity to place their bids online for equipment ranging from commercial printing and plant support to packaging and material handling assets from Hallmark’s greeting card manufacturing facilities in Topeka and Lawrence, KS, and Kansas City, MO, USA. The Kansas City Star and the Topeka Capital Journal have also shared the exciting news of this upcoming online auction.

Forward-thinking companies, especially those in the consumer packaged goods industry; have recognized the value of tapping into their “reverse supply chain” (the process of what happens to equipment when it has either reached the end of its life or is no longer useful to a company). Rather than using traditional methods of either storing idle equipment or selling it through inefficient means, companies are choosing to utilize leading online marketplaces run by Liquidity Services’ team of experts to reach its more than 2.3 million buyers across the globe. This provides a more streamlined process for companies to recover value and a user-friendly and trusted channel for businesses to acquire necessary and unique assets at a reasonable price.

According to Damon Lewis, a Hallmark representative, the company chose to work with Liquidity Services due to its “proven track record when it comes to surplus-asset services in the manufacturing, printing and packaging industry.”

To bid on unique Hallmark surplus or other commercial assets, visit GoIndustry DoveBid or view our other online marketplacesContact Liquidity Services for more information about the surplus asset management and disposition services we provide to leading Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies.