Liquidity Services’ CEO: Reverse Supply Chain Efficiency is Key to Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Still feeling the effects of the global financial crisis, companies around the world are searching for new ways to gain a competitive edge without compromising their budgets or brand image. In a recent article by Cargonews Asia, Liquidity Services’ CEO Bill Angrick suggests that more effective management of the reverse supply chain with the right partners can create the advantage companies are looking for, while saving them money, preserving brand image, and promoting sustainability.

Angrick explains three trends that are driving the growth of reverse supply chain management in Asia and around the globe. The first is rapid and continuous product innovation, which has significantly reduced product lifecycles. The second is the growth of e-commerce, which has increased the volume of returns. Both of these trends have resulted in a negative impact on corporate bottom lines if management does not find more efficient ways to recover value for idle/ end-of-life assets or returned and overstock inventory.

The third trend is the importance of sustainability to both business and consumers, of particular importance in Asia. Angrick points out that, “Many of our U.S.-headquartered company customers which have invested heavily in Asia want partners which can make sure their products are disposed of in a proper fashion with record-keeping to ensure there is no violation of either local or international environmental regulations.”

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