Liquidity Services Earns Spot as Top Tech Innovator with InfoWeek 500 Recognition

One of our core values is “Innovation to support leadership,” and a primary way we implement this core value is through the creation and execution of best practices. Thanks to a top innovation we have applied to our retail and consumer products client, Liquidity Services has been honored with recognition as part of the InfoWeek 500, an annual list of the top technology innovators in the U.S. by InformationWeek Magazine.

We work with 7 of the top 10 retailers in the U.S. and many of the top OEM brand names to manage their returned and overstock inventory. In continuing to advance how we manage the flow of goods arriving our warehouses which support the retail and consumer products industries; we developed a cutting-edge use of technology in cataloguing items.

These items consist of various product SKUs originating from retailers and OEMs across the U.S., who utilize different ERP systems. Through the creation of a product identification system entitled LPID (Liquidity Services Product Identification Database), we have digitized the reverse supply chain process and are able to more quickly intake items, assign them to their respective product categories, and sell them more quickly through our leading online marketplaces, such as and, as well as other brand-controlled secondary marketplaces. This efficiency has also led to cross-site listing, providing our global base of buyers with visibility to items on multiple online marketplaces; increasing recovery value for our large, retail clients.

Liquidity Services has truly revolutionized the way surplus consumer products are categorized through technology applications, aligning our product data with software designed only for the forward supply chain. Retailers and OEMs gain peace of mind with this innovation and are able to focus on their core mission of serving their customers, knowing that we are adding value by providing a streamlined back-end process for their reverse supply chain.

Please read our full press release for more information about the InfoWeek 500 award. To learn more about our efficient solutions for your surplus assets and inventory, please contact Liquidity Services.