Network International’s Gardner Dudley Advises Energy Sector on “Going Green” with Surplus Equipment

“The American consumer no longer chooses their grocery items based on price alone, often opting to buy from companies who employ organic methods of growing food or have a reputation for being ‘green.’ The energy industry is no exception to this same decision-making process,” writes Gardner Dudley, Vice-President and General Manager of Liquidity Services’ leading energy marketplace for surplus assets.

Mr. Dudley’s recent bylined article in Equipment Finance Advisor, a top publication for asset managers and lenders, drives home the point that whether you are an oil, gas, or mining company; sustainability has to be an integral part of the management process for your surplus and idle energy equipment. Idle equipment is a loss for a company as its value depreciates, and companies cannot simply dispose of equipment in landfills with both out-of-pocket and brand costs. More importantly, by doing so, you benefit from the cost savings and efficiencies.

Mr. Dudley provided tips in the article to look for when acquiring or selling late-model energy equipment, which included:

  • Commitment to Compliance
  • Proven Environmental, Hazard & Safety (EH&S) Measures
  • Full Transparency
  • Extensive Experience
  • Detailed Information
  • Comprehensive Process

Through Network International and our other leading, online marketplaces, we work with our clients in the energy and other sectors to efficiently manage and recover value for surplus assets and inventory. Read more about Mr. Dudley’s advice on green initiatives for the energy sector through smarter asset management. To learn more about our efficient solutions for your surplus assets and inventory, please contact Liquidity Services.