Liquidity Services Included on Forbes’ List of “America’s 25 Fastest Growing Tech Companies”

“Finding growth stocks isn’t difficult. What’s difficult is finding growth stocks that don’t fade and are built to outpace their rivals,” asserts Forbes in its article announcing “America’s Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2013.”

After an in-depth analysis of over 2100 publicly-traded technology companies, Forbes recognized the top 25 fastest growing firms based on criteria such as average sales for the past three years and estimated EPS (earnings per share). Liquidity Services is the only DC-based company included on this prestigious list, seated at number 23 in the company of leading organizations LinkedIn, Facebook, Apple, and Google.

In a recent article by the Washington Business Journal, Forbes praises Liquidity Services for creating a “profitable niche by offering commercial and government clients a way to auction their surpluses online.” As the global leader of the $150 billion Reverse Supply Chain market, we are the only company in our industry to be included on Forbes’ list.

We can attribute this success to our commitment to investing in the expansion of our asset management services, expanded industry solutions, and our unique, online marketplaces that connect client surplus assets with the right buyers in a competitive, transparent manner. To learn more about our sustainable solutions for surplus assets, please visit our Services page. Read our press release for more information about this distinguished Forbes’ award.