Liquidity Services Shares the Secret to Maximizing Return and Minimizing Risk When Closing a Lab

Closing a lab can be a daunting task for large and small pharmaceutical companies alike. Due to a lack of effective planning, unrealistic timelines, and inaccurate inventory records and market information, many of these organizations do not maximize return and minimize risk. They struggle to receive maximum value for their assets while remaining within a budget or upholding environmental standards.

When closing a lab, how does a company manage their teams, sort out logistics, and account for all inventory while adhering to constraints? Liquidity Services’ Tom Burton answers this question in detail in his recently published article, “Maximize Return; Minimize Risk (And Other Important Things To Consider When Closing A Lab),” in Pharmaceutical Online.

Enlisting the help of a secondary market expert is often the best way to ensure streamlined, hassle-free management of this process. Business tools, such as Liquidity Services’ AssetZone®, can be used to manage and internally redeploy surplus and idle assets to help leading organizations create revenue streams and better utilize their equipment. Through our leading online marketplace, GoIndustry DoveBid, we enable the top companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to improve asset management, investment recovery planning, and disposition.

Contact Liquidity Services for more information about AssetZone® and return revenue to your bottom line through smarter asset management. Read the full article for more insight into how to maximize return when redeploying or selling surplus assets.