Liquidity Services Overview

Liquidity Services Overview

Liquidity Services is a mover and global leader in transforming the reverse supply chain market, which provides long term investors the opportunity to drive financial returns while making a positive impact on the environment.
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We are Liquidity Services. As the leader in Reverse supply chain management solutions for retailers and manufacturers, we provide smart solutions that reduce your operational costs and simplify your business processes

Our innovative service and technology offerings, our wide array of proprietary e-commerce and secondary marketplaces with millions of registered users, our network of strategically positioned logistics centers and our enterprise-class software platform, allow us to develop solutions that are tailored to meet each client’s unique business goals. The results, our services are trusted by 10,000 clients worldwide.

We have delivered over seven billion dollars in asset recovery. Whether you’re a large brick-and-mortar retailer, an e-commerce player, or a manufacturer in need of product refurbishment and sales, Liquidity Services is the one-stop-shop for reverse supply chain services, from retail and consumer returns management to value recovery services such as refurbishment repackaging and de-branding to e-commerce support and fulfillment and multi-channel asset recovery.

Our full-service offering enables clients to take advantage of our client support team and network of North American logistics centers, while our world-class self-service software allows clients to perform these services in-house.

We stand alone, as the leader in strategic and truly multi-channel reverse supply chain management.

We are Liquidity Services, your one-stop shop for all reverse supply chain services.

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Liquidity Services has a variety of resources available for Retail Solutions and is here to provide you with all the information you may need in order to take the next step forward to Maximum Recovery for Your Surplus.

Our solutions are customized to meet your specific requirements, including how much surplus you have, how you want to work with us, and how you want to sell your surplus.

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