Liquidity Services Warehouse Operations

Liquidity Services Warehouse Operations

Retailers must provide compelling customer experiences that deepen relationships and grow revenue. Managing the reverse supply chain for overstock and returned inventory, Liquidity Services helps you stay focused on your core business. Our high-impact partnership ensures you receive maximum value for your inventory. See how our warehouse operations can support you.
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Liquidity Services has a network of full-service reverse logistics centers strategically located throughout North America to reduce transportation expense for our retailer and manufacturer clients.

Product may come back from retail stores, distribution centers, or directly from consumers. The product can be in any condition: new, overstock, open box, defective, salvage, scrap, damaged box; we handled it all.

Our transportation management team can manage pickup and delivery of the product, while some of our clients prefer to manage freight themselves. Merchandise is received and sorted based on final destination, value optimization, and client business rules.

Items are assigned to a bar-coded license plate for tracking in our warehouse management system throughout the process. Value-added services such as refurbishment, repackaging, relabeling, testing, data wiping, and de-branding can be performed to increase product value and comply with applicable restrictions.

Product that has been processed is put away to an assigned location for picking and fulfillment. When an order is dropped to the warehouse, items are picked and prepared for shipment at the each, pallet and truckload level. Depending on final destination and sales channel, small parcel LTL and truckload carriers pickup daily, and orders dropped by 3 p.m. local time can be tendered same-day.

We also have a strong group of local buyers who save transportation cost by picking up directly from the facility.

We are Liquidity Services, your one-stop shop for all reversed supply chain services.

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