New Life for Military Surplus

Do you ever wonder what happens to military equipment after it has been to war? What about prototypes that are manufactured but just don’t make the cut? For an interesting walk through military history, Scientific American recently made a list of military vehicles that died as prototypes.

While amusing to view the photos in the article, the reality is that if these prototypes had been made, they would have enjoyed a retirement through a sustainable disposal process. Numerous asset types are disposed of via our Government Liquidation marketplace,, which allows the U.S. Department of Defense to sell and dispose of their surplus assets in an eco-friendly manner.

While we may not sell many military prototypes, there are a number of interesting items which have been sold through Earlier this year, a number of ship anchors formerly used by the U.S. Navy went onto their next life in the private sector. Out of the anchors sold, two became seaworthy again. The remaining ship anchors were repurposed by our buyers from around the world in unique ways, including yard art in Oklahoma. Other interesting auctions over the past year include a fuel barge that was damaged in Hurricane Sandy, two navy landing vessels from the Vietnam War, and a U.S. Army landing craft boat; giving older military equipment a second chance.

Beyond military surplus assets, we also work with over 6,500 government agencies to sell surplus, returning funds to the city, county, and state. For example, just last month, City of Pittsburgh Councilman Dan Gilman called for a more updated system for selling surplus assets and recommended the use of online auctions through sites such as to reach a larger group of buyers and sell year round.

If you are a small or mid-sized business who might benefit from government surplus, or simply want to peruse unique items; visit our auction marketplaces. For more information about working with our team to sell surplus in a sustainable way and increasing recovery in the process, contact us.