City of Lakewood, Ohio Scores $1.2MM with Online Auctions

City of Lakewood, Ohio Scores $1.2MM with Online Auctions

The City of Lakewood surpasses $1MM in surplus asset sales, with net proceeds going back into the city’s General Fund, saving taxpayers money. This marks a milestone from when The City of Lakewood began using in 2009. Utilizing online auctions has uncovered a way for the city to dispose of its surplus assets in a safe, transparent, and sustainable way.

1 Ohio Government Agency + 600 Successful Online Auctions =
$1 Million in Surplus Asset Sales – And Counting – an exclusive Liquidity Services online marketplace dedicated to helping government clients sell their business surplus – partnered with Lakewood to help dispose of their assets to the public.

Since their first auction, Lakewood has conducted over 600 successful auctions on Their auctions span multiple categories ranging from emergency vehicles and equipment, to computers, playground equipment, and water meters.

Selling Surplus Like Used Trucks, Photography Gear, and Bicycles

The city discovered that one person’s trash could equal treasure after selling over $100,000 worth of used garbage trucks, photography equipment, and music instruments. Additionally, Lakewood has sold over $5,000 in bicycles and over $400,000 in heavy and light duty trucks.

All revenue generated from these auctions goes to Lakewood’s General Fund, ultimately returning money to the city’s taxpayers.

Finding “A Greener Solution” to Government Surplus

Along with great returns, online auctions allow Lakewood’s surplus assets be reused rather than end up in a landfill.

“We want to do our part to help care for the environment. Using GovDeals is one way we do this,” says Kim Deyarmin, City of Lakewood Purchasing Manager.

The City of Lakewood frequently lists live auctions on as their items are declared surplus or obsolete. To see similar success selling your surplus, register as a GovDeals seller today.

To see what surplus Lakewood – or one of our 14,000+ other sellers – currently offers buyers, visit GovDeals to see all auctions across 500+ asset categories.