Smart Promotion Pays Off for Multinational Biopharma Client Auction

Fette ‘1200’ Tablet Press auctioned through GoIndustry DoveBid

What brings in nearly $775,000 (over 700, 000 euros), doubling the client’s expectation? A recent auction conducted by Liquidity Services for a French multinational biopharmaceuticals client. Our global reach and multichannel marketing strategies ensured this auction’s success.

Our client’s Frankfurt, Germany R&D division was the focal point of this recent auction. With an abundance of surplus up for auction, some of the items included pharmaceutical processing, tablet production, and R&D equipment. We marketed the auction globally, with some of the highest bids coming from Europe, the Dominican Republic, and the U.S.

The assets were sought after and in very good condition, ensuring valuation and promotion expertise would lead to auction success. The tablet and capsule machines, for example, were of high quality and could be used to produce various pharmaceuticals—from pain-relief medication to dishwasher tablets—so there was a potentially wide audience to tap into. Some of the smaller assets used for laboratory work, such as weighing scales, also had a wide audience. Through accurate, timely asset valuations, we helped the client determine which assets to sell and set appropriate recovery expectations.

Many biopharmaceuticals companies are aiming to improve efficiency and quality by upgrading equipment, which results in surplus assets. No matter the volume, category, condition, or location of your assets, Liquidity Services can administer the entire scope of your reverse supply chain. Through our reach, multichannel sales capabilities, and unparalleled scope of services, you can simplify your operations and enhance productivity globally. We frequently exceed or even double clients’ recovery expectations for their surplus. Our online auctions reach nearly three million registered buyers across almost 200 countries and territories, ensuring maximum return for our clients.