Case Study: Global Technology Manufacturer Increases Recovery and Sustainability

As an industry leader in the $150 billion reverse supply chain market, Liquidity Services offers a broad range of services, helping over 130 Fortune 1000 clients and 5,500 government agencies achieve improved recovery value, increased sustainability, increased brand protection, and greater compliance. We enjoy sharing the success stories of our clients with you as they achieve positive results for their organizations.  This case study covers the story of a leading, global technology manufacturer who had an established reverse supply chain system in place, but sought the help of Liquidity Services to improve it.

The company’s original program resold employee-returned laptops and PCs throughout North America, keeping them out of landfills and providing a valued asset for a new computer owner. Although the company was already extending the life of these unwanted computers, they consulted Liquidity Services to find a way to potentially increase the velocity and financial recovery on these units, furthering their sustainability mission.

Our team of experts worked with the company to design a solution to evaluate the returned laptops and PCs by processing, testing, and grading each unit. Liquidity Services’ comprehensive asset management program was consolidated into one site in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where all operations were streamlined. The comprehensive program incorporated trained workers who conducted individual unit inspections, wiping proprietary data in an efficient manner.

Due to the Liquidity Services’ surplus asset management solution, the client was able to increase cost efficiency in its program for returned laptops and PCs. Team members were able to process units more quickly, doubling production and increasing the number of units processed per cycle by 79 units. Between program inception in September 2012 and January 2013, more than 7,481 units were processed, netting an overall increased return and value for the units.  With a sustainable disposition process, the electronics manufacturer is also able to continue and further its commitment to positively impacting the environment.

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