Online Auction for Two Naval Landing Craft Grabs National Media Interest

Recently, Government Liquidation’s auction of two naval landing craft vessels has garnered media attention around the country. Leading publications such as The Washington Times and The Chicago Tribune seized the opportunity to cover this unique auction for these amphibious sea-to-shore vessels, large enough to hold 200 people or an M60 tank. These LCM-8 “Mike Boats” were once coveted assets to the Navy and used in combat scenarios for amphibious assault. Naval craft like these were used in Vietnam, Panama, Iraq, and Afghanistan; but have since been replaced with lighter, more efficient models.

Initial media coverage focused on speculating who would want to purchase such unorthodox items. However, when bids rose from $25 per boat to over $6,000 in just one day, the compelling question became: what is the going value on these unique marine vessels? At the end of the two-day auction, the online auction winner paid more than $50,000 for each boat.

Government Liquidation is the exclusive sales channel for Defense Department surplus, enabling buyers to bid on and purchase unique military items, such as these landing craft.  Each year, the company auctions millions  of surplus military items on behalf of the Department of Defense, supporting government zero-waste initiatives as well as generating revenue for the U.S. Treasury: over 240 million surplus items and two million pounds of scrap material has been sold on the Government Liquidation website, generating over half a billion dollars back to the Treasury.  Government Liquidation is proud to be a small-business incubator, allowing small-business owners to save or make money via the purchase of items on the site at an affordable price.

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