Green Benefits of Online Versus Live Auctions

Vehicles on display outside at live auction

Selling used vehicles in a sustainable manner can be a headache for the environmentally-conscious seller. With so many factors to consider when trying to dispose of surplus fleet and equipment, it’s easy for sustainability to fall to the wayside. This article reviews the most common questions sellers have when deciding how to manage surplus fleet, and outlines why switching to online auctions is the most sustainable and cost-effective solution.

How can I avoid having to transport assets?

When selling surplus vehicles in a live auction, a seller will often have to transport their assets to a sales yard so the items can be displayed, inspected, and potentially sold. Besides the financial burden of having to transport assets to an auction site, the environmental impact of driving assets to and from live auctions can be devastating. Switching to online auctions eliminates the need for transporting assets altogether, making the entire process more efficient and less taxing on the environment.

Let’s look at the environmental cost here:

Every time you transport a vehicle to an auction site, you increase your carbon dioxide emissions. The U.S. Department of Energy has reported that burning a single gallon of gasoline produces 20 lbs. of carbon dioxide, with diesel fuel having an even greater impact at 22 lbs. per gallon when burned.

1 Gal. of Burned Gasoline = 20 Lbs. of Carbon Dioxide, about the same weight as an average tire.

The Official U.S. Government Source for Fuel Economy Information

If 250 vehicles averaging 20 miles per gallon traveled an average of 50 miles round-trip to attend a live auction, they would emit 12,500 lbs. worth of carbon emissions into the environment. That’s nearly the size of a full-grown elephant! Selling in place through online auctions completely eliminates the negative environmental impact of traveling back and forth to live auctions, reducing both the financial and environmental stresses inherently ingrained in traditional vehicle auction methods.

This is what you save the environment by selling your vehicles where they are today in an online auction!

Can vehicles that are no longer drivable be sold at a profit?

Oftentimes, sellers with nonoperational vehicles have difficulty finding buyers and wind up selling their automobiles to junkyards for pennies on the dollar. Though live auctions can give the impression that there is no market for undriveable vehicles, there is still a large consumer base interested in purchasing these assets for scrap metal and parts. Sellers can avoid losing profit and keep their nonoperational surplus vehicles out of landfills by selling them through online auctions.

According to a recent survey 8 to 10% of vehicles sold via our online auction site, GovDeals, were reportedly destined for landfills.

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Finding a way to transport nonoperational vehicles to a live auction is a task in itself, and the number of buyers looking to purchase these types of assets at traditional auctions is small. Selling through online auctions opens the door to a wide range of commercial buyers who are actively seeking vehicles like these, increasing sellers’ chances of making a sale and reducing the number of vehicles sent to landfills. Regardless of whether your vehicle is perfectly functional or wrecked beyond recognition, GovDeals has buyers looking to pay top dollar for your surplus.

How can I keep surplus vehicles from becoming an environmental hazard in my storage lot?

The easiest way to reduce the hazards of long-term vehicle storage is to sell your assets quickly. Live auctions do not guarantee sales, and vehicles become more of an environmental risk the longer they sit in storage lots and warehouses. With GovDeals, you don’t need to wait for a semi-annual vehicle auction; you can list and sell your assets online at any time.

GovDeals customers’ average auction time is only 7 days!  You can list any time and sell up to 100 vehicles at once.

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Online auctions through GovDeals are quick and easy; oftentimes, you only need your vehicle identification number (VIN) to get started! Take a few good pictures of your surplus asset, write a clear and honest description of its state, and GovDeals takes care of the rest. Regardless of a vehicle’s state, sellers have found success and profitability when utilizing the GovDeals platform.

Every vehicle you sell in place is a win for both you and the environment. Talk to one of our talented sales representatives and get your online auctions up and running today!

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