How to Sell Your Heavy Equipment: Gain Higher Returns in Less Time

How to Sell Your Heavy Equipment: Gain Higher Returns in Less Time

Heavy Equipment

Have heavy equipment to sell but aren’t sure where or how to start? We’re here to help walk you through the most important things to consider and the two themes that should be top of mind: time and money.

According to industry statistics, the heavy equipment industry in the United States accounts for 21% of the global market and equates to $40.3 billion.

If you’re looking to get your slice, we’ve got tips on how and where you should be selling your used assets. For those who are currently selling used equipment, we want to start off by asking a simple question: Are you getting back as much as you should from your heavy equipment sales? Short answer: probably not. You most likely aren’t maximizing your returns with your current process, especially if you’re getting nickel and dimed by auctioneers.

Gain Higher Net Returns

AllSurplus can increase your returns, making you up to 15% or more on sales, while also giving you more control in the process. We work with you to discover the best solution for your unique business in order to limit costs and receive an even higher net return. We help eliminate the headache of transportation costs, storage fees, inspection fees, hidden prepwork and more. 

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Quick Turnaround on Your Heavy Equipment

According to data collected in 2020, 84% of consumers looking to acquire equipment are interested in buying. 

AllSurplus works hard to complete sales in less than 30 days – not months. We list your items directly to our platform from your personal device. We work for you by looking for active buyers and don’t just rely on the auction to get the job done.

AllSurplus is the world’s leading marketplace for selling heavy equipment surplus –  Here’s why.

AllSurplus is the world’s leading marketplace for business surplus, ranging from heavy equipment to industrial machinery. Our business is powered by Liquidity Services, an experienced and industry-leading surplus management company serving thousands of clients worldwide across multiple industries. 

These are just a few reasons why customers love working with us: 

  • With no hidden fees, AllSurplus provides you up to 15% higher return on your sales and a better net recovery than competitors. 
  • As a trusted partner, AllSurplus allows you to gain more control over your heavy equipment sales. Our customers are a part of the decision-making process and have power over mitigating risk at auction price or increasing BiN price.
  • Our dedicated and experienced team has one goal – to build a heavy equipment sales solution around your unique business needs, not our own.