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Liquidity Services’ customized sales approach ensures your goals are met and your recovery maximized. Based on your unique product mix, priorities, and timeframe, we recommend a precise blend of sales and marketing channels. This proven recommerce strategy ensures that recovery, speed, and brand protection are appropriately balanced for your surplus items.
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Liquidity Services offers the most comprehensive set of sales channels and asset recovery services in the secondary market. Having generated nearly seven billion dollars in recovery for our extensive list of manufacturer and retailer clients, our experience and ability to maximize recovery for our clients is unrivaled.

Through our North American network of reverse logistics centers, we offer solutions to take inventory into our buildings on a continual flow basis. Quickly taking product out of our client’s network, allowing them to use that space for more productive inventory.

The strategic location of our reverse logistics centers and the fact that we can offer returns management, refurbishment, and true multichannel sales all under one roof means lower transportation cost for our clients. Which is another way that we increase recovery for our clients.

We also offer multiple sell-in-place options that allow clients to list products from other locations, which eliminates even more transportation expense. We handle all types of inventory, from laptops and tablets to apparel and jewelry, to appliances, sporting goods, and home improvement items. The product can be in any condition, from new inventory still in a sealed box, to open box returns, to salvage and scrap.

Our facilities, processes, and sales channels are all set up to handle large volumes and wide varieties of merchandise. Are channel optimization team will analyze product data, volume information, sales history, shipping cost, and other factors to determine which warehouses should be used and which sales channels will yield the highest recovery for each type of merchandise.

We also pay close attention to any brand protection concerns our clients may have concerning sale geographies, product de-branding, and sales channels used. Value-added services like refurbishment, repackaging, grading, and data wiping are also evaluated to determine if overall recovery can be increased.

Liquidity services is unique in our industry in offering a truly multi-channel liquidation model to optimize financial recovery for our clients.

Individual items that are like-new or refurbished can be listed and sold online through our Secondipity marketplaces. The fact that orders received by 3 p.m. local time can be shipped same-day is just one example of our commitment to customer satisfaction, which is evidenced by our stong seller ratings across all of the marketplaces we use.

On our marketplace, items are listed in any condition and sold in an auction format to over 2 million registered buyers. Lots are typically pallet or carton quantity and can be shipped to buyers or set up for buyer pick-up at any of our North American reverse logistics centers. Buyer pick-up saves the buyers on freight cost, allows them to pay more for the product, and increases recovery for our clients.

For large volume sales, we also have a substantial number of professional truckload buyers who are key for high-volume programs and can take a large and regular flow of merchandise.

Our buyer customer service team makes sure that we stand behind everything that we sell through all channels, giving our buyers the peace of mind required for repeat purchases and turning buyers into satisfied long-term partners.

We are Liquidity Services, your one-stop shop for all reverse supply chain services.

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Our solutions are customized to meet your specific requirements, including how much surplus you have, how you want to work with us, and how you want to sell your surplus.

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