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Our myriad value-add services help maximize recovery, protect your brand, and mitigate risks by ensuring items are in the best possible conditions. Find about some of our services:

Refurbishment and Repair – Increase potential recovery for electronics, appliances, and other high-value items by refurbishing them to improve appearance, restore functionality, and replace missing parts. Our dedicated fulfillment centers abide by proven refurbishment processes.

Data Wiping – Inadvertently reselling items that contain sensitive data can result in hefty fines and negative public relations. Using best-in-class Department of Defense 5220.22M data wiping processes, we remove all sensitive data from electronics such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs.

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Liquidity Services has deep expertise in product refurbishment and repair. It starts with the economic decision of what should be refurbished and what should not, where our extensive knowledge of the secondary market informs our ability to direct items to refurbishment, only if the resulting increase in recovery will be greater than the cost to refurbish.

We work with our clients to develop a standard set of operating procedures, which could be as simple as inspecting, folding, and repackaging apparel, to a more complex process of full testing, data wiping, repair, and re-kitting of a TV, laptop, or tablet. These standard operating procedures ensure integrity and consistency in the process and also serve as a basis for continuous improvement. Some of the items Liquidity Services performs refurbishment on today include TVs, laptops, desktops, wireless speakers, headphones, home theater equipment, cell phones, gaming equipment, countertop appliances, and apparel.

Liquidity Services repair and refurbishment services are performed in the same buildings as our returns management and asset recovery services in order to minimize cycle times and the cost associated with shipping and handling. The process can be set up to handle a continual flow of returns product, and also to perform same unit repair for both in and out of warranty items.

Our refurbishment process typically starts with a single item received. where a traveler is attached, and items are directed to the appropriate testing stations based on the product category. The item is sent to a triage technician where it is fully tested, inspected, and notes are entered into the system. If a unit is in need of repair, it is performed by trained technicians using established standard operating procedures and safety procedures, defective parts are replaced, and items are retested to confirm they are in like-new working condition. All work performed and parts replaced are recorded and tracked to control costs. Product is then moved to deep clean, where the item is sanitized to consumer-ready standards before moving to the kitting process where all accessories, manuals, instructions, and packing materials are added, boxes are sealed, and the appropriate labels are applied. Items are then entered into our warehouse management system for put-away and tracking throughout the fulfillment process.

Liquidity Services then offers items for sale through multiple consumer and B2B marketplaces with a Liquidity Services backed warranty. Items can also be sold by the client with Liquidity Services drop-shipping directly to customers.

We are Liquidity Services, your one-stop shop for all reverse supply chain services.

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