Partner with the Right Retail Liquidator For Your Surplus Needs

5 Reasons Liquidity Services Beats Competitor B

Liquidity Services is the partner you need for recurring retail liquidation. Learn how to outshine the competition with our robust selling solutions and more!

We know you have options, but why not choose the best? When it comes to retail liquidation, we come out on top by providing companies with maximum recovery, robust selling options, flexible service models, account management strategies, and more!

1. Multiple Selling Channels

Competitor B only offers B2B Auctions which limits your potential to rack up more with your recovery. The following selling channels are offered with Liquidity Services:

  • B2C Sales 

This method is ideal for those looking to sell new, like new, and refurbished assets with high potential recovery. We even have our own B2C marketplace. 

  • B2B Auctions

Not interested in selling to consumers? No problem. You can opt to sell via our B2B auctions which is helpful for those looking to move larger quantities of various products.

  • B2B Negotiated Sales

Finally, this method is ideal for those with truckloads of products that can be sold in high volume. Our liquidation experts can help get you in front of the right buyers to strike a deal.

2. No Hidden Fees

Unlike other liquidators, we don’t nickel and dime you or surprise you with hidden fees. There is no initial setup cost, monthly requirements, or seller penalties, unlike Competitor B. Yield higher recovery by not losing out on pesky fees.

3. Three Distinct Asset Management Strategies

We know one size does not fit all so neither should your asset management strategy. At Liquidity Services we offer three ways to manage your assets:

  • List ‘n’ Sell

Competitor B only offers companies to sell overstock on location. That can work for some companies that don’t have a lot of items or prefer to control the listing.

  • Load ‘n’ Sell

Our competitors don’t offer these services but partner with us and you can sell truckloads from a nearby managed location. This method helps with fast asset removal and reduced transportation. 

  • Warehouse ‘n’ Sell

Our final strategy for asset management allows you to send your assets to our managed warehouses to sell. Ideally, this is best for fast asset removal, high recovery, and high touch.

4. We’re a Trusted Partner

Our customers consider us industry experts with over 20+ years of experience. Additionally, we are a publicly listed company which gives our customers the confidence knowing we will be here for years to come.

5. Sell Your Items Fast

We know that selling your items fast is a priority which is why we can get your seller account setup in one day. While Competitor B will take 30-60 days to get your account activated. Who has that kind of time to wait around?

Not only can we get your account up and running but we have 3.8 million buyers in our network so the odds of finding a match for your surplus just got a whole lot higher.

There are many more reasons to partner with Liquidity Services for your retail liquidation needs. See how we stack up against Competitor B